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Welcome to Men Over
Men Over 50 .com, A site for Men In Their PrimeWelcome to Men Over, a website just for men that are in their prime and really know how to enjoy and appreciate life.

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There are surprising, and not so surprising differences among men as they age. A 2008 government report provides valuable insight into what lies ahead. More TV?

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Men Over 50 .com, A site for Men In Their PrimeUnique Gifts & Ideas
Your golf game has gone flat; you’re bored with the Boob Tube; you need something different. No problem. Spend some time with Cody Lundin at the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona.

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Exceptional Men Over 50 salutes Chuck Henningsen, master of photographic printing processes. He is the only photographer in the United States able to produce large format platinum prints, and who lives above his darkroom in Taos. He is truly unique.

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Major study finds that gene variants associated with Type 2 diabetes may also be implicated with prostrate cancer.
The National Institutes of Health reports that a major study of 70,000 adults in North America and Europe has produced a surprising finding.
Deaths In America
This is 2008. The CDC has just released the death stats for 2004. Curious to find out
what the causes of deaths were for men over 50? It should come as no surprise. Read more…
Sport In America
Sports-actually, in depth sports your thing? The Chautauqua Institution will host a week long discussion of this $300 billion business beginning June 23, 2008
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