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Menover50,com salutes Chuck Henningsen, master of photographis printing processes. He is the only photographer in the United States able to produce large format platinum prints, and who lives above his darkroom in Taos. He is truly unique.

Chuck, now a renowned photographer and master printer, was born in Des Moines, Iowa, where he attended high school and graduated from Iowa State University with honors and a degree in industrial engineering. His first job in the 1950s was with the then-small firm Hewlett-Packard-when Silicon Valley had only a handful of high -tech companies. When Chuck left HP after four years, he and two partners formed a company that manufactured electronic raw materials.

Since 1976, Chuck Henningsen has pursued his career in fine art photography. Then, a chance encounter with famed photographer Ansel Adams changed his life. While on a visit to Yosemite National Park, Henningsen was introduced to Ansel and he extended an invitation to Chuck to attend one of his photography seminars. Armed with a "big box" 4x5camera and a strong desire to learn from the master, Henningsen began studying with Ansel.

Since that fortuitous encounter, Chuck collaborated on a book on R.C. Gorman using his own photography. Following the book's debut, Chuck's photography was featured in 50 one-man shows throughout the US, including a show at the prestigious International Center of Photography in New York. His work is owned by museums as well as private and corporate collectors throughout the world.

Chuck Henningsen's work and techniques are diverse. In addition to his mastery as a platinum printer, he has evolved into Cibachrome abstract collages and digital prints. Besides photographing the Southwest, Chuck's subject matter includes religious sites, landscapes, architecture and nudes. The countries which he visited for his photo shoots were Thailand, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Chuck has also recently exhibited in shows in London and in Shanghai.

If you have “seen it all”, take a look at what a truly gifted photographer can do. Hopefully, some day soon Chuck will host a gathering where we all can learn the basics from a true master.

Take a moment to visit his web site for a preview of his amazing work: www.henningsenfineart.com. Enjoy!
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